We are driven by passion, inspiration and persistence and are dedicated to supporting the work of our customers as well as our team members. We continually seek to improve and measure our success, as individuals and as a company, by the value we bring to our customers’ work. products that enable scientists and researchers around the world to make new discoveries in areas such as drug discovery, diagnostics and personalized medicine.  We dedicate ourselves to produce the award-winning liquid handling products.

Our team is excited about making an impact. Compassion, empathy, kindness, and other qualities that speak to one’s character as we create the future of medicine.

In 2018, DISPENDIX became part of BICO, a global leader in the development and delivery of life science solutions. BICO equips thousands of laboratories and scientists worldwide with cutting-edge technologies that enable breakthrough in scientific achievements.

Our employees benefit from flexible working hours, as we want them to be happy and productive and we have a celebrate culture and regularly organize fun team events. We encourage our team to strive to do their best and support them with development and training courses.


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