OKR Awards 2021 – We celebrate our people!

OKR Awards 2021

It our pleasure to announce the winners from 2021, these employees have stood out and contributed to DISPENDIX’s recent successes.

OKR award 2021

The employee who exceeds all expectations in finishing what we start!

It is the colleague you think of for focusing on the important.

The winner is…… Nela Milićević – Lab Lead QC and Testing

Nela has joined DISPENDIX in May 2020 and runs the QC Lab and Testing, her department ensures the quality of each I.DOT that is produced. Nela was promoted twice within the first year after joining to Dispendix. First to Quality Engineer and subsequently to QC Lead and Testing. In 2021 she showed exceptional ownership of her tasks in general, and OKRs.


Employee of the year award

The employee who exceeds all expectations in creating value

It is the colleague you think of for creating gigatons of value for our customers as well as DISPENDIX. She/he does the right things at the right time and makes working at here fun and special.

The winner is…… Elias Soybaba – Global Product Owner

Elias joined the team in January 2021 and is Global Product Owner at DISPENDIX. Elias is a true Swiss knife creating value on many ends and being a role model for leading our product teams.


Getting-Things-Done Award for the Achiever of the year 2021

The employee who exceeds all expectations in achieving things”.

It is the colleague you think of who goes above and beyond to achieve things and check them off the to-do-list. This award is voted by their peers.

The winner is……

Fabian Franz – R&D Engineer

Fabian has re-joined DISPENDIX in July 2020, but he was with DISPENDIX basically from day 1. He is currently responsible for consumables and specifically the new HT plate. He researches and develops relationships with molding manufacturers, license drilling companies, everything that is involved in producing a superior consumable.

All winners will receive a one-year free gym membership to PULS Fitness Club, located right under our headquarters as we want to support them to stay healthy and energized. Additionally, they are awarded a high stylish trophy for one year with their name engraved and will be passed on to future winners – like the Stanley Cup.

We want to acknowldge and express our gratitude to all three for a fantastic job this year.


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