Automated, Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis of Iminopyrrolidines

Miniaturized Chemistry: Expand your horizon!

Apart from miniaturization of biological assays, our I.DOT also is a valuable helper in organic chemistry. Here, researchers have used the I.DOT to generate more than 1000 iminopyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid derivates in an automated fashion at the nanomole scale. The desired product is a strong osmoprotectant and helps organisms to survive osmotic stress.

As the synthesis and the exploration of chemical space when using chiral educts is usually sequential, slow, and expensive, the benefits by using the I.DOT in this workflow are acceleration and miniaturization, ultimately leading to a reduction in the overall time to decipher novel drugs. With the I.DOT it was easily done to evaluate the synthesis of the three components bearing different side chains, as an initial step to identify the most promising interaction partners for the final product.

Impressive work by Angelina Osipyan and Dr. Dömling. We are excited to find out about the future chemicals you will be synthesizing!

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