Tech Spotlight: L.DROP

L.DROP facilitates the sharing of protocols between labs and instruments for an unparalleled laboratory efficiency and degree of process redundancy. With real-time volume verification and remote monitoring, never again worry about the reproducibility of your experiments or the validity of your results.

Minimal efforts. Maximum results.
The L.DROP allows scientists to communicate their scientific intent and provides a rich simulation with tracking for every well in every step of the protocol.

The platform automatically generates 90% of the parameters with automation leaving only the final 10% so you can focus your efforts where your expertise offers the most value. Every component, from the pipetting head to the electronics box, is modular and can be self-serviced through mail.


Productivity from the cloud down
The L.DROP is run through an intuitive cloud-based platform that enables users to build, run, and analyze protocols from anywhere – anytime! In 3 easy steps!

• Build protocols using a straightforward drag and drop interface.
• Program methods that are focused on the scientific method rather than the automation.
• Automatically “fit” protocols to liquid handlers and laboratories of varying configurations and resources.
• Capture instrument specific constraints and iterate rapidly with on-demand simulations rather than trial and error wet-runs.

2 – RUN IT
• Run and optimize protocols from the cloud with the first ever liquid handling experience that does not require you to be tethered to the instrument.
• Monitor workflow status, instrument status, errors, and protocol execution from the comfort of your office or even from home.


Access data for any sample retroactively through state and liquid tracking information from the cloud.
• Optimize laboratory logistics with visibility to, reagent and consumable consumption.

Learn more about the L.DROP, and book a demo today.

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