Disruptive Technologies for In Vitro Personalized Predictive Diagnostics

December 1, 2021 CET| 9 a.m. EST | On Demand Webinar
Host: Dr. Christoph Niemöller, Application Scientist at CYTENA

Join our December 1st webinar to learn how our latest technologies accelerate timelines and cut costs for in applications such as cancer researchdrug discovery and personalized medicine.

Dr. Christoph Niemöller, CYTENA, will discuss:

  • Automated noncontact microwell plate washing using centrifugal forces.
  • Noncontact, low volume liquid dispensing for miniaturization and automation in NGS applications.

Dr. Anna Popova, Aquarray, will explore:

  • Using droplet microarray, a revolutionary miniaturized, versatile format, to automate analysis.
  • Applications for high-throughput screening of live cells in 2D and 3D.

Andreas Traube, Fraunhofer Institute, will cover:

  • A benchtop screening system for droplet microarrays that integrates state-of-the-art equipment.
  • AI-driven handling and isolating of single cells and organoids, as well as individual fish eggs.

Dr. Jens Kelm, PreComb, will introduce :

    • A platform for profiling drug responses using patient-derived 3D microtumors.
    • Large-scale testing of entire anticancer drug and compound portfolios.