The I.DOT One dispensing plates

Configured to meet your low- and high-throughput needs

The ‘Immediate Drop on Demand Technology’ is implemented in the I.DOT dispensing plates. The plates consist of an SBS-compatible polystyrol frame. The frame accommodates up to 96 dispensing wells.

I.DOT dispensing plates are compatible with a variety of liquids. The range includes aqueous solutions containing salts and other ingredients, reagents used for qPCR assays, DMSO up to 100%, Matrigel and many other liquids commonly used in labs. Additionally the I.DOT dispensing plates can also handle solvents like methanol and acetonitrile. Additionally to liquids, dispensing of living cells is one of the strengths of the I.DOT dispensing plates.

I.DOT dispensing plates are specifically designed to be used with our I.DOT One acoustic non-contact dispensing systems.

Configuration of I.DOT PURE plates

I.DOT Pure Plates
Orifice 90 µm
Dispensing volume (aqueous solutions) 8 to 80,000 nL
Well format Single wells
Material wells Polypropylene (PP)
Material frame Polystyrol (PS)
Plate format 96