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    Johannes Kächele


    Johannes finished his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and joined the production team. Even though he is a boss, he is still having fun with his colleagues and enjoys downhill biking and paragliding.

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    Dr. Felicia Truckenmüller


    Felicia or ‘Feli’ guides the development of our product and she keeps the project moving and the objectives met. With a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Biochemistry, the blood of a true natural scientist flows through her and wants to have an impact to help mankind. In her free time, you can find her outside enjoying nature.

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    Valentin Busch


    Valentin is far sighted and has the ability to spot and prevent problems before they happen. As a fairly young leader he has a strong focus on authenticity and serving his team by manifesting the mantra that happy software engineers perform well. He likes to keep his dopamine levels maxed out even after work through a cryptocurrency hobby, rolling around on his cruiser skateboard, or delving into start-up culture.

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    Dr. Stefan Bammesberger


    Stefan oversees all technological aspects of DISPENDIX, from the first product concept, and he rolls it out through operations. Stefan skateboards to the office on his E-Board, weather permitting, which makes him quite fast but also prone to tickets.

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    Laura Morton


    Laura, ‘Madam Purchasing‘, is responsible for all purchases. Having completed a M.Sc. in Management, her free time is dedicated to dance, drawing and painting.

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    Chiara Braun


    Chiara joined in 2019 and is always smiling and a trustworthy person in every situation. With her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Medical Engineering, she fits perfectly into the hardware team and keeps her focus on I.DOT Mini. In her leisure time, she loves to do different types of sports like tennis, football, and bouldering.

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    Julie DiRosa


    Julie’s main responsibilities are to streamline marketing communications and the UX design processes. She has been to over 30 countries, and when she isn’t traveling or completing her MBA, she enjoys hosting dinner parties.

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    Christian Sesterheim


    Christian studied Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering and obtained his Master’s degree, so high quality and operational excellence are his focus. He is a ‘Man of Nature’, and in his spare time, he is outside hiking, jogging, and cycling.

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    Christoph Fischer


    Christoph is responsible for development and processes. His expertise in biosciences and technical proficiency makes him a superhero at DISPENDIX. On the weekend, he gets messy between two infinitesimal stains: mud from bike rides and food from his daughter.

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    Elias Soybaba


    Elias’s specialty is to build up small companies and joined in 2021. DISPENDIX provides solution-oriented work, direct communication channels paired with a start-up culture, was a perfect fit for Elias. In his free time, he mountain bikes and is a total car freak.

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    Joseph Müller


    Joseph joined in 2020, and he is responsible for all technical support and isn’t happy until all customer problems are resolved. Joseph dedicates his free time to practicing self-defense which also helps him karate chop his projects.

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    Nicole Stemler


    Nicole’s prior experience in the life sciences industry and has completed her master’s degree in biotechnology. In her free time, she relaxes into Yoga poses and enjoys jogging.

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    Michael Glück


    Michael handles the everyday challenges at DISPENDIX. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he has everything down to a system. He is obsessed with fresh air and works with the windows open, yes, even in the winter.

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    Umair Mazhar


    Umair has been a driving force at DISPENDIX where he uses his experience and in-depth knowledge dedicated to I.DOT Mini and to help develop the next generation. In his spare time, he is traveling around the world or destroying opponents online in gaming tournaments.

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    Vivian Ziegenhagen


    Vivian has over 10 years of experience with an Economics background, she manages the growing numbers of orders. In her free time, Vivian takes nice long walks and loves to cook.

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