2022/11/30 11:00:00

Optimizing Single-cell RNA-Sequencing Workflows

A Webinar Hosted by seqWell & DISPENDIX

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 11 AM EST

Join seqWell and DISPENDIX on Wednesday, November 30th at 11 AM EST to learn about the latest advancements in library construction technology for Single-cell RNA-Sequencing.

In this webinar, we will highlight an optimized workflow for preparing high-quality, sequencer-ready RNA libraries from up to 96 individual cells per batch in 4.5 hours.

Further, we will discuss an in-development automated and miniaturized workflow that enables researchers to prepare up to five times as many libraries without additional costs to their lab.

Although miniaturization can seem intimidating, we will present challenges and considerations for driving down the volumes and costs of NGS library preparation workflows that enable you to save money without compromising data quality.

Following an overview of sequencing data quality comparing full-volume and miniaturized libraries, we will discuss enabling automation technologies that provide an approachable and low-consumable method for dispensing reagents and performing magnetic bead-based clean-ups.

Accurate Liquid handling

Attendees can expect to:

  1. Understand a best-in-class single-cell sequencing workflow with a turnaround time of 4.5 hours
  2. Identify a low-cost, low-consumable, and streamlined workflow that is enabled through reaction miniaturization
  3. Recognize key challenges and considerations for miniaturizing NGS library preparation
  4. Explore data demonstrating that cost effective library preparation can be achieved through miniaturization without compromising on quality

Agenda & Speakers

Curtis Knox , Director of Product Management, seqWell

seqWell’s solution for scRNA-seq

Curtis Knox, Director of Product Management, seqWell

VDA seqWell David Rawlings

Advances in automated and miniaturized scRNA-seq workflow and data

David Rawling, Team Leader – R&D, seqWell

Dr. Felicia Truckenmueller

Enabling technologies for miniaturized NGS

Dr. Felicia Truckenmueller, Head of Applications & Global Product Manager, DISPENDIX

Explore the latest innovations in single-cell RNA sequencing library construction

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 11 AM EST