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I-DOT One & the Artel MVS®

Determining accuracy and precision of the I-DOT One non-contact low volume dispensing platform using the Artel Multichannel Verification System (MVS).

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I-DOT One application brochure

I-DOT One examples of application areas.

I-DOT One dropdetection application note

I-DOT One DropDetection feature.

I-DOT One Brochure

As comprehensive guide to the I-DOT One.

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I-DOT Workflow

The ‘Immediate Drop on Demand Technology’ (I-DOT) is a new approach for nano- to microliter liquid-handling tasks. It uses a patented non-contact pressure-based dispensing technology.

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I-DOT Matrigel Dispensing

Matrigel dispensing (5 mg/mL) in 96-well plate.
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