Liquid handling simplified

Fast. Accurate. Small

The I.DOT Technology

This lightweight liquid handler uses a single positive pressure channel to generate droplets as small as 8 nanoliters through an orifice in the well and can produce up to 100 droplets per second.

automation, precision and speed

The lightweight I.DOT MINI optimizes noncontact liquid handling tasks to bring intuitive automation, precision and speed to every lab in a smaller footprint.

Improved Efficiency Across Applications

Compound dispensing

Dispenses small molecules in aqueous solutions or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

Assay development

Dispenses small molecules, nucleic acids, drugs, etc. in a multiplexed manner and in direct dilution steps. Ideal for designing individual experiments.

Genomics and proteomics

Leverages miniaturization, low-volume dispensing and low dead volume to efficiently dispense for NGS prep, PCR, extraction and clean-ups.

Cell dispensing

Reproducibly dispense anything from cells in suspension to organoids, while maintaining high cell viability.

Bring speed into your lab while maintain flexibility

Dispenses into SBS target plates 96 and 384 well plates in as fast as 20 seconds.

Seamless, user-friendly software

Fast and intuitive CSV setup

Multi-well and custom formats

No programming or looping needed

Built-in software to streamline workflows

Automation-friendly software offers built-in convenience, optimizes protocol creation, and lets users import comma-separated values (CSV) files for more complex protocols.

Large dynamic range

Dispenses 8 nL to 500 nL of a single source liquid at a time.

Low dead volume

The well reservoir design ensures dead volume under 1 µL to conserve valuable reagents and samples.

Let's optimize your liquid handling task!

Bring automation, precision and speed to your lab.

Let's optimize your liquid handling task!

Learn how you can bring automation, precision and speed to your lab.