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Automation and Microfluidics for Genomics and Drug Discovery

We help scientists improve the efficiency and reproducibility of their research through innovation and collaboration. We are intellectually curious, passionate, and dedicated to advancing scientific discovery.  


  • NGS Library Preparation

  • Dose Response

  • qPCR/dPCR Plate Preparation

  • Assay Development

  • Flow Cytometry

  • Synthetic Biology

High-quality Libraries Every Time

In the rapidly advancing field of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), increasing the reproducibility and efficiency of library construction is crucial for obtaining reliable and accurate results. Researchers are continually seeking novel automated solutions to streamline this process. These innovative technologies and methodologies aim to reduce human error, optimize workflows, and enhance data quality. By automating various steps such as fragmentation, adapter ligation, and amplification, researchers can minimize variability, improve reproducibility, and increase throughput.

Automated solutions not only save time and resources but also enable scientists to generate high-quality libraries with minimal manual intervention, paving the way for more reliable and efficient NGS experiments.

Linear Curves for Efficient Drug Development

Dose-response curves are used in drug discovery to evaluate drug potency. The I.DOT non-contact dispenser's .1 nL resolution enables precise concentration control, facilitating accurate dose-response curve generation in drug discovery.  Using the I.DOT, researchers can create comprehensive and reliable curves without compromising accuracy, allowing for more precise evaluation of drug candidates' pharmacological activity.

Dispensing Mastermix into a 384-well Plate has Never Been Easier

Automated systems have revolutionized the field of qPCR plate preparation, elevating reproducibility and efficiency to unprecedented levels. By effortlessly handling sample dispensing and reagent distribution, these cutting-edge technologies eliminate the risk of human error, elevate precision, and elevate the overall quality of data. Seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, they effortlessly save valuable time while guaranteeing reliable and efficient qPCR plate preparation.

Simple Gradient Dispensing for DoE

Dispensing gradients of concentrations and volumes of assay components for experimental design can be made simple and efficient. By utilizing innovative automated systems, researchers can precisely and conveniently dispense varying concentrations and volumes of assay components, enabling them to design experiments with controlled variables and optimize their research outcomes.

Combinatorial Antibody Dispensing

Flow cytometry is a technique used to analyze cell characteristics; the I.DOT system streamlines sample prep by combinatorially dispensing antibodies onto samples, enhancing efficiency and data reliability.

Flexible Genetic Analysis, Assembly, and Cloning

Synthetic biology combines biology, engineering, and computer science to design and construct novel biological systems. The I.DOT enables researchers to manipulate genetic materials, construct synthetic gene circuits, engineer proteins, and explore novel biological functions, contributing to advancements in areas such as bioengineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research.


The I.DOT Series of Liquid Handlers

The I.DOT is a liquid handler that anyone can use regardless of automation experience. The instrument transfers volumes as low as 4 nL with unrivaled precision and speed while dramatically reducing your laboratory’s plastics and reagent consumption.

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G.PURE NGS Clean-up Device

The G.PURE provides automation for bead-based clean-ups, automating the steps of the NGS library preparation workflow that are the most critical to the quality and quantity of NGS libraries.  

Click below to learn more about how you can automate and miniaturize bead-based clean-ups while eliminating manual pipetting errors and drastically reducing the use of pipette tips.


G.STATION NGS Automation

The G.STATION provides full workflow automation for DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and targeted sequencing at a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.

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