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We hire talented candidates who are excited about making an impact. Focus, persistence, kindness, and other qualities that speak to one’s character are the values we look for in potential team members. You will be part of a multinational, inspiring group of achievers who are driven by their passion for what they do. We are putting the most brilliant minds on the planet together and creating the future of medicine.​

We create the
future of medicine

DISPENDIX is a young and fast-growing high-tech start-up providing cutting-edge non-contact liquid handling technologies for the life-science industry to automate and facilitate complex laboratory workflows. Since 2018, DISPENDIX became part of the world-leading bioconvergence company BICO.

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Looking for an exciting opportunity? Become part of our talented and inspiring team and contribute to the company’s growth.

Join us

Looking for an exciting opportunity? Become part of our talented and inspiring team and accommodate the company’s growth.

Apply today and make an impact

Apply today and make an impact

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We invite you for an initial telephone interview

We invite you for a personal/ onsite interview

Send us your application via the application form

We invite you for an initial telephone interview

We invite you for a personal / on-site interview

Your career at DISPENDIX

At DISPENDIX, employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace where employees can participate and contribute to the success of the business and have the opportunity for continuous education, development and growth. We highly appreciate our employees and want them to continually improve their skills; we offer regular trainings, to that end, through the BICO Academy.​

What awaits you

Chance to make difference

We are proud to be part of the fast-growing and promising life sciences industry dedicated to improving healthcare. Let’s make the world better and create the future of medicine!​

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Team building

We value an open-minded atmosphere and champion collaboration. To strengthen these bonds even further, we regularly organize fun team-building events!

Appreciation and development

We recognize every employee’s efforts and contributions to the business, and we regularly celebrate individual accomplishments.  We also help employees develop new professional skills through CELLINK Academy training courses.​

Opportunity of a lifetime

The BICO Group became a unicorn in just 4.5 years and is still growing strongly. More exciting tasks and goals await us. The success story is just getting started!​

High-tech brand

Our I.DOT has won multiple awards for its cutting-edge liquid handling technology. Be part of a team that dedicates a great deal of time, effort and resources to software engineering, design and R&D.

Agile start-up culture

We believe that transparency and continuous improvement are both essential to solving the major hurdles in healthcare. We love being a dynamic and international start-up and still benefit from a flat organizational structure.

Flexible working

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, whether you work from home or in the office, we want our employees to be as productive and happy as possible.​

Modern workspace

To create a productive, comfortable and agile working environment, we have equipped our offices in the best possible and employee-friendly way. We value high standards!​

We have been awarded by Kununu as a top company and an open company to work for. We are consistently getting great feedback from our employees and always looking to make our work environment better.

Open Company

Top company

Meet the DISPENDIX team

Ready for some insights? Get to know our team members and their roles at DISPENDIX.

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    Dr. Stefan Bammesberger


    Stefan oversees all technological aspects of DISPENDIX, from the first product concept, and he rolls it out through operations. Stefan skateboards to the office on his E-Board, weather permitting, which makes him quite fast but also prone to tickets.

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    Dr. Felicia Truckenmüller


    Felicia or ‘Feli’ guides the development of our product and she keeps the project moving and the objectives met. With a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Biochemistry, the blood of a true natural scientist flows through her and wants to have an impact to help mankind. In her free time, you can find her outside enjoying nature.

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    Valentin Busch


    Valentin is far sighted and has the ability to spot and prevent problems before they happen. As a fairly young leader he has a strong focus on authenticity and serving his team by manifesting the mantra that happy software engineers perform well. He likes to keep his dopamine levels maxed out even after work through a cryptocurrency hobby, rolling around on his cruiser skateboard, or delving into start-up culture.

Meet our departments


The Production Department fills our customers’ orders. Our team consists of several multicultural members and is currently looking for more talent to join the team. They work at peak performance to produce several I.DOTs and I.DOT Minis per week. To ensure that production goals are met, the team holds regular meetings.​


The Hardware & Consumables Department is part of the R&D division and focuses on all mechanic and electronic components of our devices as well as our disposable products. The team consists of nine talented engineers with a wide range of expertise, and also includes a support team in Indonesia. The development process at DISPENDIX involves research, design, simulation, testing and validation procedures to ensure our products meet the highest levels of performance and quality.​


As part of CELLINK’s bioconvergence strategy, software plays a key role in modernizing how labs work. The DISPENDIX Software Department combines expertise in software, firmware and development to bring our products to life. Our device’s operating software and desktop tools provide aesthetically pleasing graphical user interfaces and valuable features that enable our customer to achieve their scientific goals. Our aim is to ship beautiful and well working software that is ready for the future, and we are always looking for new talent to join our strong team of passionate software engineers.​


Our laboratory is the heart of operations, various experiments, process and quality controls, testing, and measurements to ensure a high-quality standard on our equipment and consumables. Every device and consumable batch are thoroughly checked and comply with the strict specifications before shipping.​​



Our dedicated global sales team is committed to helping you with all your product, implementation, and sale inquiries. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service wherever you are in the world or whatever your requirements.​

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