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How can we help you?

Product demo

Are you interested in one of our exciting products?  Want to know how our instruments perform with your workflows ? No problem, contact our sales team and schedule a demo.

Product quotation

You are convinced about our technology and you want to purchase one of our instruments? Perfect, you are just one step ahead. Let’s proceed to our sales team, they are assisting you. Go ahead and …

Technical support

Is there something wrong with your DISPENDIX instrument? Then contact our technical support. We can help you via phone, remote connection via Teamviewer and, of course, we do on-site visits.


You want to improve your work flow around our instrument? You want to use the instrument for a different purpose and you are not sure if it would work? Contact our support team and ask them for help. They will be happy to assist you.

Preventive maintenance

Your yearly preventive maintenance (PM) is coming up? Or you just want to make sure your instrument is running well before starting your next big experiment? Our field service staff is happy to schedule a PM.