Flow Cytometry


Combinatorial Dispensing of Tagged Antibodies


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Flow cytometry is a powerful technique used in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics to analyze the characteristics of cells and particles in a fluid suspension. It allows researchers to measure various properties of individual cells or particles, such as size, complexity, and the presence of specific proteins or molecules on their surface.

I.DOT Liquid Handler

One crucial step in flow cytometry is sample preparation, where cells are labeled with fluorescently tagged antibodies to identify and quantify specific proteins or markers of interest. This process traditionally involves manually pipetting antibodies into individual sample tubes, which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors.

This is where innovative technology like the I.DOT Liquid Handler comes into play. The I.DOT revolutionizes the high-parameter flow cytometry process by enabling combinatorial dispensing of antibodies directly onto sample tubes or plates.

Combinatorial Dispensing of Antibodies

With the I.DOT Liquid Handler, users can easily dispense multiple antibodies simultaneously onto individual samples in a highly precise and automated manner. This not only streamlines the sample preparation process but also ensures uniform and reproducible labeling of samples, leading to more reliable and accurate flow cytometry data.

By leveraging the I.DOT for combinatorial dispensing of antibodies, researchers can accelerate their workflow, conserve precious reagents, and achieve more consistent and reproducible results in their flow cytometry experiments. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant advancement in flow cytometry sample preparation, empowering researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and improve our understanding of complex biological processes.