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G.STATION NGS Workstation
The only workstation configured with tools designed to address the specific steps of the NGS workflow in the most efficient way.
DISPENDIX has Reinvented NGS Automation

Purified DNA In. High Quality NGS Libraries Out.


Practice Sustainability

With non-contact dispensing and bead-based clean-ups, use a fraction of the pipette tips required by traditional NGS automation, save the planet, and retain your budget.


Conserve Reagents

Miniaturize your process and dispense reagents with a 1 μL dead volume and run more samples for the same reagent cost.


Generate Trustworthy Results

With a library of standardized and tested protocols available you can rest assured that you will get high-quality libraries every time.


Trust Your Process

Dispense with insight into the actual volume dispensed or transferred every time with integrated volume verification.


Forget About Training

The DISPENDIX Cloud allows scientists to document their scientific intent while our software determines how to properly map the steps to workstation.


Get Up and Running Quickly

With a fixed configuration and standardized protocols, we never ask customers to reinvent the wheel. Generate high-quality libraries within days of installation.

Reinventing NGS Library Prep

The G.STATION is more than the sum of it's parts.  It is an automated workcell comprising the best tools for each step of the NGS Library Construction workflow.

While other vendors provide solutions that attempt to perform every step of the NGS sample preparation process with a traditional tip-based liquid handler, DISPENDIX has broken the process into four core workflow steps:

  • Reagent Dispensing (1:Many Transfers)
  • Bead-based Clean-ups
  • Sample Transfers (1:1 Transfers)
  • Temperature Control (Incubations & Amplification)

Tools Designed for NGS Library Prep

The G.STATION includes all of the instruments required to seamlessly automate DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and targeted sequencing workflows.

Since the hardware configuration is standardized and researchers across the globe are running the same set of hardware every day, you can rest assured that you will be up, running, and generating high quality libraries in no time.

I.DOT Liquid Handler

The G.STATION includes a non-contact dispenser for adding fragmentation buffer & enzymes, ligation buffer & enzumes, PCR mastermix, and beads as part of a low-consumable fully-automated NGS protocol. With a 1 uL dead volume, this tip-free technology drastically reduces the per sample cost of the library preparation process.

G.PURE NGS Clean-Up Device

The G.STATION includes a novel bead-based clean-up device that loads and removes ethanol and adds resuspension buffer as part of tip-free bead based clean-up processes. With a completely parallel process, this non-contact technology drastically reduces the cost per sample, increases purification yield, and speeds up the library preparation process.

L.DROP Liquid Handler

The G.STATION includes a liquid handler to perform tip-based liquid transfers for steps that can not be automated by the I.DOT & G.PURE including index adapter additions and final elution transfer at the end of the bead-based clean-up process.  

On-Deck Accessories

The G.STATION includes a cold block for reagents, a shaker for mixing, and an on-deck thermal-cycler for automated amplification and incubation steps.

Cloud-based NGS Library Prep

The DISPENDIX Cloud Platform provides users with the ability to remotely view the status of a run, build protocols from anywhere, and to seamlessly share protocols between instruments and laboratories.

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Our Most Common Questions

Can the G.STATION fit on my lab bench?

In most lab settings, the G.STATION can be placed right on the bench.  However, if there is not room available for each of the components, our automation experts can provide you with a table that has been designed specifically for use with the workstation.

Can you help me understand the risks associated with the cloud?

The DISPENDIX cloud platform is build on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure by cybersecurity experts.  We can provide your IT department with an architecture white paper that will help to overcome any concerns or objections related to cloud-based solutions.  We believe that the cloud is the future and that the benefits associated with remote monitoring, sharing of protocols, and enhanced support greatly justify the use of this technology.

Is it complicated to set-up NGS runs with so many devices integrated in the platform?

No! User experience was a key consideration in the development of the G.STATION.  The only set-up required is to load consumables directly onto the deck, reagents into tubes on the on-deck cold block, and your input samples in a 96-well PCR plate directly onto the deck.  Set-up for a run takes minutes and the location of each consumable or liquid is clearly identified in the software.

Enhance Efficiency and Reproducibility with the G.STATION