DISPENDIX launches new I.DOT color

DISPENDIX launches new I.DOT color

Stuttgart, Germany, April 20, 2019

Researchers across the world can dispense in a new hue.

DISPENDIX, the company that sets the gold standard of elegant dispensing, announced that it is introducing a new white I.DOT One. The I.DOT One was first released in 2017, and, until now, has only been available in black.

“We provide innovative products for non-contact, high-throughput dispensing,” said Harry Boeltz, co-founder and CEO of DISPENDIX. “We’re excited to introduce a new color and continue supporting applications for researchers in the life science industry.”

This launch is the latest in DISPENDIX's mission to deliver simple and elegant solutions for nanoliter dispensing. The white I.DOT One is now available from distributors.

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