A wonderful day together in Tübingen

A wonderful day together in Tübingen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finally, after a long year and a half the governments around the world have lifted the COVID-19 restrictions of groups and business are now open. Of course, with safety restrictions in place, our team made it out to spend a beautiful day together in the beautiful city of Tübingen. Riding on boats along the Neckar river, eating local cuisine and enjoying the day together is one of most memorable days to pass this year!

Tübingen is famous for its unique flair, combing the charm of centuries old history which meets cutting edge science. It was the perfect place for our team to relax and enjoy all this city has to offer.



Did you know that DNA was originally discovered here in 1869?

It is true! This marks the perfect place for our team, who is consistently dedicate their daily lives to the life sciences industry and are always looking to make a difference in the new development of drugs and treatments that will be used to help hundred of thousands of people worldwide.

For more information on the scientific history of Tübingen, please visit the German Castle Where DNA Was First Discovered | Travel | Smithsonian Magazine.


Thank you to a wonderful team for a wonderful day!

We look forward to the future!

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