DISPENDIX to Introduce Two Disruptive Liquid Handling Platforms at SLAS 2022

The I.DOT HT Non-Contact Dispenser and the L.DROP Liquid Handler will be introduced at SLAS 2022.

DISPENDIX, a BICO company, announced that the I.DOT HT Non-contact Dispenser and the L.DROP Liquid Handler will be introduced at SLAS 2022.

Driven by several years of growth of the I.DOT non-contact Dispenser, DISPENDIX has invested in strategic R&D and industry partnerships to deliver two disruptive platforms that will come together to provide scientists with more holistic workflow solutions for genomics and drug discovery research.

The I.DOT HT builds on the core technology of the I.DOT, expanding the source well layout to a 384 format to support the management of compound libraries at large pharmaceutical and smaller biotechnology companies. The I.DOT HT provides the same degree of precision and process safety that users have come to expect from the DISPENDIX family of products, while expanding the applicability of the I.DOT; now users can seal and store source plates that contain compound libraries for assay development, optimization, and screening.

DISPENDIX has also announced the introduction of the L.DROP Liquid Handler with the goal of commoditizing laboratory automation. “We have brought in experts from outside the life-science industry to deliver a delightfully architected web-based liquid handler”, says Petros Apostolopoulos, CEO of DISPENDIX. “We can’t wait to show customers that automated liquid handling doesn’t have to be a challenge to implement and how to use it in a reliable and efficient way.”

The L.DROP couples sensor technology and a web-based architecture to provide a more dynamic instrument that is capable of scaling protocols across instruments and even laboratories without tedious optimization.  Features like automated deck calibration, web-based protocol fitting, and closed-loop pipetting promise to revolutionize the way that researchers and automation engineers leverage liquid handling technologies.

“As disruptive innovators in the liquid handling space, we are pleased to launch novel solutions for the scientific community on our journey to create the future of health,” says Petros Apostolopoulos, CEO of DISPENDIX. “With the I.DOT HT and the L.DROP we are excited to introduce two groundbreaking instruments. Both can be fully integrated into the ‘lab of the future’ that is data-driven and optimizes researchers time spent on scientific discovery.”

This launch is the latest in DISPENDIX’s mission to deliver simple and elegant solutions for the liquid handling industry. These products will be on display and demoed at the upcoming SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) in Boston from February 7-9, 2022 at booth 2727.

More information about the products can be found at Dispendix.com.

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