BICO Management Summit 2022

BICO Management Summit 2022

DISPNEDIX joined the BICO Management Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

The management teams from all BICO subsidiaries came together for 3 days to discuss topics and the amazing work being done on realizing  our vision of creating the future of life-saving treatments by reducing the organ shortage and speed up drug development

During this event, we have received two prestigious awards:
- Highest sales growth

- Highest overachievement of targets (also known as sandbagging)


This is a special recognition for our performance in 2021, that was only possible through an outstanding team.

As we continue to grow we are looking forward to the future collaborations with our sister companies, By extending the boundaries of what's possible to give people better and healthier lives.

To lean more about about BICO, visit BICO - The Bio Convergence Company - We create the future of health.

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