I.DOT HT liquid handler has been nominated for the TechAward 2022!

I.DOT HT liquid handler nominated for the TechAward 2022 at WOTS

I.DOT HT liquid handler has been nominated for the TechAward 2022 at World of Technology & Science.

We are proud that we will be exhibiting in Hall 7 - 7A082 at the World of Technology & Science (WOTS) exhibition in Utrecht.

Visitors from the fields of industrial electronics, automation, and laboratory technology can use the show to find out about the latest trends and innovations for the life science industry.



A high number of source liquids in the low volume non-contact liquid handling world is still very uncommon. In the past, it has largely been provided by a single company in the industry. The ability of having 384 source wells at the same time is tailored to high-throughput screening experiments, which is vital in the workflows for drug discovery. The I.DOT HT is now the second product in the industry that allows the users to dispense 384 different source liquids out of a single source plate, starting at 6 nanoliters with a positive air pressure technology for the dispensing. A clear discriminator and advantage of the I.DOT HT is the built-in droplet detection, which gives accurate results about the dispensing performance for every single dispending run, which no other liquid handlers on the market have. It is a real-time quality control, which is of utmost importance when it comes to dispensing nanoliters. The reason why this is so important is to ensure the proper concentration of liquids in each experimental setting, which can be largely impacted by the total volume in the nanoliter range.


Applied innovations:

I.DOT HT allows researchers of all places to set up their workflows for high-throughput screening experiments. It has the full flexibility to act as a standalone benchtop dispenser, as well as being able to be fully integrated in lab automation. It is going to be a disruptive product, as the competitive landscape has been weak until now. Accuracy: Built-in droplet verification: I.DOT HT‘s droplet detection has the capability to detect when users run out of source liquid and can verify the total dispense value. Eliminate carryover and cross-contamination: The technology enables droplets to be dispensed into the target plate below the source plate. I.DOT HT eliminates carryover and cross-contamination. Supports multiple liquid classes.


Green tech award, sustainable features and innovations:

Save Tips: I.DOT HT uses less consumables per task and does not depend on pipette tips which enable laboratories to maximize budgets.

Low Dead Volume: The I.DOT HT optimizes your workflow enabling assay miniaturization. Well reservoir design ensures dead volume <5 μl for H2O and saves 10 times on reagents used.

To learn more about the I.DOT HT, watch our demo video or get a quote today.

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