Chemistry and Biology combined on a One-Chip-Solution!

Chemistry and Biology combined on a One-Chip-Solution!

Drug discovery is a workflow, which is often facing problems, when it comes to cost and time consumption, as well as incompatibility of existing analytical methods. The innovative approach by the authors Benz, M. and Levkin, P. is using a combination of on-chip chemical synthesis, characterization, and biological screening, which they termed the chemBIOS platform.

This way they can use up to 50,000 nanovessels per chip to use for chemical synthesis and/or analytical assays. The creation of the nanovessels is carried out by our I.DOT, as it dispenses the medium of interest in concrete spots on the chemBIOS plate, separated by specialized polythioether-dendrimeric barriers.

The benefits of using a method like the chemBIOS chips in drug discovery are numerous, including the reduction of compound volumes and concentration, matched together with the ability to use detection methods like On-chip mass spectrometry, IR spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy, reaction monitoring and high content cell based screening.

Keep up with the exciting work, Maximilian Benz and Pavel Levkin! This approach of miniaturizing high-throughput screening guides to the future development of drug discovery and the I.DOT is the predestined helper in this.

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