Dynamic PCR Workflows Using the I.DOT Technology

Dynamic PCR workflows using the I.DOT technology

Real-time PCR is a very diverse and widely used molecular biology laboratory technique for gene quantification, because of its speed, versatility, sensitivity, as well as affordability. It can accurately amplify and quantify low levels of nucleic acids and it has revolutionized the detection landscape in many domains such as, transcriptomics, next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation, and contributing significantly further to the fields of single-cell genomics, clinical diagnostics, and evaluation of hits in drug discovery.

In principle, the method is quite robust and predictable. However, minor variations in the reaction components, cross-contamination, and any other technical variations could cause a major change in the resulting data, eventually leading to incorrect biological conclusions. Therefore, these variations should be minimized as much as possible, to obtain accurate and reliable results.

Using the I.DOT Liquid Handler is a premium solution for non-contact liquid handling tasks and enables the dispensing of almost every type of liquid and reagents of Real-time PCR protocols in the range of nano- to microliters. It also empowers to produce faster, accurate, precise, reliable, and reproducible results by high-speed and accurate liquid dispensing, eliminating human pipetting errors, while ablating cross-contamination risks. The I.DOT delivers a highly dynamic real-time PCR workflow by optimizing design assay and optimizing master mixes

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