Liquid Handling Quality Control: Why It’s So Important!

Scientists throughout the drug discovery, testing, and manufacturing processes have tended to feel more confident about their data when using instruments that handle liquids accurately.

Handling liquids is an integral part of the drug discovery process, taking place at nearly every stage of the development process.  Through the implementation of a comprehensive liquid handling quality assurance program, laboratories can integrate quality into their processes and decrease the overall time and cost of drug discovery.

There were previously no adequate technologies for verifying the performance of automated liquid handlers, preventing quality control processes that were cost-effective. Today, new technologies, like the I.DOT allow rapid and reproducible assessment of the accuracy and precision of volumes dispensed by automated instrumentation.

Automated liquid handlers need to be tested so that malfunctioning equipment can be detected and fixed as soon as possible for maximum accuracy and efficiency in the laboratory.   A quality assurance technology can improve accuracy and precision for liquid handling without affecting overall efficiency during drug discovery operations.

All our I.DOTs’ are manufactured in our Production department in Stuttgart Germany and through our Quality Control Laboratory: Calibration of the dispensing head using pressure sensors and after this step it goes through a stress test and ensures that the correct volume will be dispensed with a focus on accuracy and precision. With a large range of consumables, the Quality Control Lab also tests for accuracy on dispensing on target and the droplet volume to ensure our customers are getting high quality laboratory instruments.

Our Head of Quality Control & Testing, Nela Milićević discusses the practices and  procedures for the quality checks each and every I.DOT, giving you the finest liquid handler.

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