Sales Rep Showdown: Decoding the Secrets of Mock Demos | I.DOT Liquid Handler & G.PURE NGS Clean-Up Device

Meet DISPENDIX's science-loving sales reps who are passionate about their products. Witness their expertise in a mock demo challenge and see why they're different.

Forget the slick suits and empty promises. DISPENDIX's sales reps are a different breed. They're not here to charm you with industry buzzwords and shallow pitches (although they are, of course, naturally charming 😇).

They may be sales reps on paper, but they're researching scientists at heart, armed with deep product knowledge and a passion for DISPENDIX products that is infectious. Don't just take my word for it, though.

During our 2024 Sales Kickoff Meeting, we put their expertise to the ultimate test, throwing them into a mock demo gauntlet for the I.DOT Liquid Handler and G.PURE NGS Clean-up Device in front of 30 of their peers, including their CEO, CTO and managers. The cameras rolled, the pressure mounted, and the secrets behind their success were laid bare. All for your viewing pleasure.

Dive into our latest video below and witness the DISPENDIX difference firsthand. Prepare to be impressed, educated, and maybe even a little heartened. These aren't your average sales reps – they're the real deal.


Yearning for more?

Intrigued by what you saw in our video, but suspecting we held back a few aces up our sleeve? You're right. We did. We showed you some, but not all, of our magic. Because the true power of DISPENDIX lies in a personalized experience, tailored to your lab's unique needs and challenges.

Witness the secrets we couldn't reveal on YouTube. Book a demo today and get ready for a mind-blowing deep dive led by our team of passionate, knowledgeable reps. They'll answer every question, address every concern, and leave you confident that DISPENDIX is the game-changer your lab needs.

Don't settle for glimpses – experience DISPENDIX to its fullest. Book your demo, or schedule a workflow consultation now!

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