The Future is Automated

Laboratory automation can increase productivity, accuracy and save time within your lab.

Every day new technologies are transforming daily work in laboratories by improved communication, better information access, and data management.

Laboratory automation can increase productivity, accuracy and save time within your lab. By using an automated liquid handler, it can reduce manual steps dramatically and automated liquid handlers can minimize hazardous exposure and lower stress from repetitive tasks, like endless pipetting.

Laboratory processes are increasingly becoming more complex and face significant challenges with a focus on efficiency, high quality results and turnaround times.

Automation and digitalization have made significant contributions by creating a flexible environment, focused on the needs of users and increased quality on speed and accurate results. By utilizing latest technology, one can streamline workflows, reduce human errors and organize large amounts of data more efficiently.

Top reasons to automate your laboratory

By using automated equipment results and experiments become more accurate, repeatable, scalable, and productivity increases, while costs of supplies decrease.

Liquid handling automation improves productivity in many aspects such as reducing human errors experienced through manual pipetting. This improves the overall productivity by increasing the speed and accuracy on each experiment. With manual pipetting, more mistakes are likely to happen, if technicians are overworked or distracted and lose track of samples.

Furthermore, there is a significant cost saving, by using less plastic pipette tips through miniaturization and save time by standardizing workflows while supporting lean principles, which are vital to the success of any laboratory.

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Author: Julie DiRosa, Product Marketing Manager

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