Top 5 reasons why you need the I.DOT in your lab

By using the I.DOT results and experiments become more accurate, repeatable, and easier as productivity increases while costs decrease. The I.DOT has an accurate system to ensure correct pipetting and an intuitive user interface that can easily create highly complex protocols. Use your time more effectively without compromising on results.

1. Greater accuracy
I.DOT’s DropDetection feature counts every droplet released during a single dispensing run. It’s a simple and powerful tool and is the only liquid handler that has the capability to detect when users run out of source liquid and verifies dispensing volume. This feature enhances reporting of what was done and when.

2. Speed
The system uses 8 individually controlled positive pressure channels that generate droplets from 8-50 nanoliters and each channel can generate 100 droplets per second and can dispense10 nanoliters across a 96-well plate in 10 seconds and across a 384-well plate in 20 seconds.

3. Savings
The I.DOT uses less consumables per task and does not depend on pipette tips which enable laboratories to maximize budgets. With I.DOT’s low dead volume, save 10 times on reagents used. I.DOT’s speed also saves you time per task from manual pipetting and reduces repetitive work.

4. Eliminate Cross Contamination and Carry-over
The I.DOT technology dispenses droplets into the target plate which is below the source plate, thus it eliminates any carry-over and cross contamination.

5. Versatile
I.DOT can handle a variety of life sciences applications – The I.DOT automates workflows and executes them more efficiently whether it be assay developments or
complex DNA structures to sub-cellular components or enhancing NGS Library Prep and leverage miniaturization with low volume dispensing.

The I.DOT is a pro at handling complicated dispensing patterns for indexing and combinatorial dispensing. CRISPR reactions can be rapidly done as well as other gene-editing protocols.

The I.DOT can dispense small molecules with different dilution series and removes variability by back calculating the exact concentration using the DropDetection for compound dispensing.

This is only the tip of the iceberg – the list goes on – the I.DOT is a must have for any laboratory.


Author: Julie DiRosa, Product Marketing Manager

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