Sales Reps Shine Bright at Avantor Americas Sales Conference: DISPENDIX's Impactful Presence

DISPENDIX's U.S. Sales team eagerly traveled to the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida last week, carrying with them the innovative and cutting-edge I.DOT Liquid Handler to meet our new partners at Avantor.

DISPENDIX's U.S. Sales team traveled to the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida last week, carrying with them the innovative and cutting-edge I.DOT Liquid Handler. With excitement in the air, they prepared to showcase this state-of-the-art technology at the highly anticipated Avantor Americas Sales Conference as a proud 2024 bioMarke supplier. This conference was the perfect backdrop for the team to unveil the remarkable capabilities of the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser to our new partners at Avantor.

DISPENDIX's U.S. Sales team

We were so proud to kickoff our partnership. Avantor is a premium brand that has access and deep relationships that we could never reach on our own. Interfacing with them felt like a win-win-win, for DISPENDIX, for Avantor, and for the customer.


DISPENDIX's sales representatives were thrilled to share a booth with our BICO sister company, Discover Echo. This collaboration not only highlighted the strength of the BICO brand, but also provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate the incredible potential of the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser with Avantor's sales representatives. DISPENDIX's sales team emphasized that Avantor's established relationships with our sister company, Discover Echo, helped bolster our brand, facilitate introductions with Avantor reps that they already knew and loved, and foster blossoming relationships.


With unwavering confidence, our U.S. Sales team was convinced that DISPENDIX's cutting-edge technology would leave a lasting impression.

As the conference unfolded, DISPENDIX's sales representatives relayed that they had no chances to rest throughout the full six hours on day one, or two hours on day two. They skillfully showcased the I.DOT Liquid Handler, highlighting its key features: precision, efficiency, and versatility.

It was easy for me to converse with the Avantor sales reps because they were genuinely interested in learning about the I.DOT Liquid Handler. Historically, for one reason or another, talking with researchers about lab automation has been more challenging, in general, so I was pleasantly surprised by how fun the Avantor team made the experience for us.


At first, Avantor's sales reps appeared wary of this new product, evidently questioning its value add to their customers, almost as if they had to ask themselves, "Is this device something I should associate my name, my brand, and my business with?" Rightfully so. The Avantor brand runs deep. Its premium products are trustworthy to labs across the globe and its infrastructure makes it easy to be a lab household name.

Our sales team may be small in numbers, but we are big in heart. It is so important for us to extend our reach in both breadth and depth, and Avantor helps us achieve that. We want to reach every corner of the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors. With Avantor's reps' shared work ethic and drive, we have never felt more confident in that possibility.


Once they gave the I.DOT Liquid Handler a chance, Avantor's sales reps' eyes widened. They were left in awe, however, as they witnessed the seamless execution of complex liquid handling tasks that have revolutionized the field of scientific research and laboratory automation since DISPENDIX's inception. The I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser's ability to accurately dispense nanoliter volumes of liquids without any physical contact garnered attention and admiration from our new partners. Evidently, they recognized a newfound value that they can bring to their customers' labs.

The sales team proudly recounted that "the I.DOT was the talk of the conference" and "the I.DOT was the coolest piece of tech there," statements that their new partners broadcasted over and over. That's not saying nothing. The sales team counted, and they met 195 sales reps over the two days! Whew.


The DISPENDIX team's dedication and commitment to advancing scientific discovery were evident as they engaged in creative and strategic discussions with Avantor's sales representatives, sharing insights, and building new connections. In fact, DISPENDIX's sales team is already in touch with a handful of Avantor reps who are ecstatic about the product. Avantor even rented out Universal Studios Orlando to round out day one of the conference, where conversation flowed in a more casual and relaxed environment.

DISPENDIX & Discover Echo's U.S. sales team

The I.DOT Liquid Handler's impressive capabilities, coupled with DISPENDIX's expertise in the field, created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among the conference attendees for our new partnership with Avantor.

Avantor's vision is "to create a better world by enabling breakthroughs in medicine, healthcare, and technology at scale." I witnessed their team's unwavering commitment to this mission during the conference. At DISPENDIX, we share their passion for progress, driven by our vision to equip researchers with the world's most advanced liquid handling technology. Our microfluidic tools enhance precision, speed, and accessibility, accelerating research and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries. Together, Avantor and DISPENDIX have the potential to unlock a new era of scientific breakthroughs, impacting the lives of countless individuals through a shared commitment to advancing medicine, healthcare, and technology for the greater good.


As the conference drew to a close, DISPENDIX's U.S. Sales team left Orlando with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The feedback received from Avantor's sales representatives reassured them that their partnership was off to a remarkable start.

DISPENDIX & Discover Echo's U.S. Sales team

I.DOT Liquid Handler

With the I.DOT Liquid Handler making waves in the scientific community, DISPENDIX's team eagerly looked forward to the rest of the year, where they could continue to revolutionize laboratory processes and empower researchers worldwide to automate their mundane and time-consuming lab processes.

DISPENDIX's expedition to Orlando had not only showcased our groundbreaking technology, but also cemented our reputation as leaders in the field of liquid handling. Curious to see for yourself? Book a demo or schedule a workflow consultation with one of our dedicated reps today!

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