DISPENDIX's I.DOT Liquid Handler Takes Center Stage at LabAutomation 2024

DISPENDIX wows LabAutomation 2024 with the I.DOT Liquid Handler, an innovative dispenser offering unmatched precision, speed, and affordability for researchers of all budgets.

DISPENDIX, an industry-leading innovator, recently showcased its groundbreaking I.DOT Liquid Handler at LabAutomation 2024, a premier trade show for laboratory professionals. The I.DOT Liquid Handler attracted significant attention from attendees, with its unique combination of precision, speed, and affordability making it a standout amongst the competition. 

A Game-Changer for Laboratories 

The I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser is designed to address the challenges faced by today's laboratories, offering: 

  • Unmatched precision: The I.DOT boasts exceptional accuracy and reproducibility, ensuring reliable and reproducible results for even the most complex tasks. 
  • Unparalleled speed: With its high-throughput capabilities, the I.DOT significantly improves workflow efficiency, even when compared to other liquid handlers on the market, allowing researchers to complete experiments faster. 
  • Unbeatable affordability: The I.DOT is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wider range of laboratories, regardless of budget constraints. 

DISPENDIX at LabAutomation 2024 

At LabAutomation 2024, DISPENDIX representatives alongside our partners at NBS Scientific were on hand to demonstrate the I.DOT's capabilities integrated into the G.STATION NGS Workstation and answer questions from interested attendees. Visitors to our booth were impressed by the I.DOT's intuitive design, ease of use, and wide range of applications. 

The possibilities of the demo on the I.DOT attracted a crowd where we could really focus on the capabilities of the I.DOT, which led to some interesting conversations. The pitch on the L.DROP & G.STATION systems offered great value to visitors as well. They got to experience and learn about the different applications of specifications of the systems.


DISPENDIX at LabAutomation 2024 DISPENDIX at LabAutomation 2024 DISPENDIX at LabAutomation 2024 

Alongside our partners at NBS Scientific, I had the pleasure of participating in showcasing DISPENDIX’s products at LabAutomation 2024. The NBS Dutch team did a great job at their live demos, attracting a diversity of potential customers who were looking for a liquid handling solution. We made promising connections with interested parties during the event. Overall, collaborating with the NBS Dutch team was incredibly helpful in connecting with our target audience at the trade show.


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The Future of Laboratory Automation

DISPENDIX at LabAutomation 2024 

LabAutomation 2024 was a great event for both exhibitioners and visitors. It was nice to see that visitors often came with the purpose of learning about the innovations and developments in the automation field, and there was a good amount of curiosity about the innovative L.DROP and I.DOT systems that we exhibited. The focus on automation is what makes LabAutomation different from other exhibitions. Since the interest in automation for labs is rising, a very proactive attitude is seen by both exhibitioners and visitors on innovations like the L.DROP. This creates a symbiotic atmosphere where you can learn from each other.


With the success of showcasing the I.DOT Liquid Handler, DISPENDIX has staked its claim as part of the future of laboratory automation. Our commitment to innovation and affordability is sure to benefit researchers and laboratories worldwide.

DISPENDIX I.DOT Liquid Handler

Learn More About the I.DOT Liquid Handler

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