Publication Spotlight: Nanoscale Synthesis of Small Molecule Library

Nanoscale Synthesis of Small Molecule Library

– A step towards Sustainable and Green Chemistry

In the pharmaceutical industry, small molecules have dominated nearly a century. Small molecule synthesis, therefore, is vital to the discovery and development of new potential small molecule therapeutics.

However, the traditional approach to synthesis and optimization of thousands of molecules including maintenance of million-sized libraries lacks sustainability and has an overlooked environmental impact.

The following research article discusses the nanoscale synthesis of thousands of Quinazoline substituted derivatives on a nanoscale using I.DOT.

Liquid handler I.DOT

In this study, I.DOT has been successfully implemented for:

  • Reaction miniaturization
  • Nanoscale synthesis of small molecule libraries
  • Highly efficient combinatorial dispensing
  • Processing several 384-well plates for > 1000 reactions in a short time and in an automated fashion
  • Lowering the synthetic chemistry footprint by considerably reducing synthetic effort, reagents, solvent, glass and plastic consumables and power consumption

Access the free research article for more information. 


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