Compatibility of I.DOT consumables with antibodies

Antibodies are indispensable in a wide range of applications in diverse fields of molecular biology. dispensing antibodies with the I.DOT Liquid Handler.

This technical note demonstrates that I.DOT Liquid Handler consumables are compatible with antibodies of different sizes.

Antibodies are indispensable in a wide range of applications in diverse fields of molecular biology. The superior sensitivity and specificity of antibodies makes them valuable in biomedical research and in medical diagnostics. Antibodies are key components in Western Blotting, Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), Immunoprecipitation assays, immunohistochemistry, and immunocytochemistry. Furthermore, in flow cytometry, antibodies are widely used for intracellular analysis.

Materials and Methods

Antibodies with different sizes (16-160kDa) and clonality (monoclonal and polyclonal) were diluted (1:2000) in the antibody diluent (BIOZOL). Next, these antibodies were dispensed by the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser with different consumables (S.60, S.100, and S.200) at different pressure points ranging from 70-250 mbar*ms.

Antibodies dispensing results
After a thorough investigation of dispensing behaviours of a range of antibodies of different sizes (16-160 kDa) on different I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser consumables, we present an overview of I.DOT the dispensing of antibodies and how to get your settings right for dispensing differently sized antibodies for your intended applications.

Results and Summary

We recommend using the S.200 Wells as well as restricting the pressure for the liquid class to max. 250 mbar/ms. We do not recommend using lowest and the highest-pressure points of the I.DOT settings.

Recommendations for dispensing antibodies with the I.DOT

• Use the recommended consumables and pressure settings
• Do not let the antibody solutions in the source wells sit for more than five minutes before dispensing. It could cause clogging of the wells.

Download the flyer to use as a reference.



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