The I.DOT Liquid Handler & G.PURE NGS Clean-Up Device: Your Automated NGS Powerhouse

DISPENDIX isn't just another NGS automation company - we're your partner in unlocking the full potential of next-generation sequencing.


Revolutionize your NGS (next-generation sequencing) experience by bidding farewell to laborious manual pipetting and error-prone protocols. DISPENDIX transcends the realm of conventional NGS automation companies – we are your dedicated ally in unlocking the complete potential of next-generation sequencing. Here's why DISPENDIX stands out:

Unparalleled Versatility

Whether you're immersed in whole-genome sequencing, targeted resequencing, RNA-Seq, or any other NGS approach, DISPENDIX provides an all-encompassing solution. Our I.DOT Liquid Handler and G.PURE NGS Clean-Up Device seamlessly adapt to your unique workflow, ensuring excellence across the board.

Robust & Reliable Automation

Bid farewell to the apprehension of manual errors. DISPENDIX meticulously automates nearly every step, guaranteeing steadfast precision and consistent, high-quality results. No more concerns about pipetting inconsistencies or sample mix-ups – just reliable data, every time.

Cost-Efficiency Champion

In the world where time is money, DISPENDIX emerges as the champion. The I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser's automated pipelines and potential for miniaturization significantly reduce hands-on time, liberating your researchers for more strategic tasks. Optimized reagent usage not only minimizes waste but also renders your NGS runs remarkably cost-effective.

Beyond Automation

DISPENDIX goes beyond mere button-pushing. Collaborate with us to develop and optimize your NGS workflows, ensuring maximal utilization of our technology. Our team of experts stands ready to assist in troubleshooting, customization, and scaling – all tailored to realize your specific research goals.


  • Running 96 or 384 samples through your entire NGS pipeline effortlessly.
  • Generating high-quality libraries with minimal variability, experiment after experiment.
  • Empowering your researchers to delve into exploratory data analysis and groundbreaking discoveries, unburdened by repetitive tasks.
  • Optimizing reagent usage and minimizing waste, thereby conserving precious research funds.

This is the DISPENDIX difference. We are not merely automating your NGS; we are empowering you to achieve more, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of NGS?

Schedule a workflow consultation and let automation fuel your next breakthrough.


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