What is Non-Contact Liquid Handling?

Non-contact liquid handling or dispensing uses an orifice to eject liquid instead of contacting the liquid with the surface container.

What is non-contact liquid handling?

A non-contact liquid handling or dispensing system uses an orifice to eject liquid instead of contacting the liquid with the surface container. This avoids the disadvantages of contact dispensing. Traditional drive methods such as compression gas are common and you can gain a large driving force at a low cost.

 Development of New Automatic Liquid-Handling Technologies

Although, handheld liquid-dispensing methods have been widely used in life science experiments for many years. In recent years, however, the use of robotic workstations for liquid handling has increased significantly to meet the need for high accuracy and high throughput.

Premium Non-Contact Liquid Handler

The I.DOT Liquid Handler has a patented drop detection system which uses eight controlled positive pressure channels to generate droplets from 8 to 50 nanoliters. Each channel can generate up to 100 droplets per second giving control and speed, while eliminating cross contamination.

Overall, there are many applications and one is the miniaturization of assays, where laboratories can lower the cost of reagents and increase throughput. An intelligent combination of pipetting and bulk dispensing optimizes the liquid handling processes. Moreoever, your workflows benefit with intuitive automation, precision, cost-savings and speed.

Assay Studio

Assay Studio optimizes protocol creation, and users can easily import CSV files to create more complex protocols. In addition, it's automation-friendly and integrates with any third-party scheduler.

• Touch screen, user-friendly software.
• Fast, intuitive, and CSV-friendly setup.
• Multiwell and custom formats.
• No programming or looping needed
• Improve processes and data quality

Learn more about the I.DOT Liquid Handler, watch our demo video to see how easy it is to incorporate in your lab today!

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