Testimonial: Fully Automated NGS Library Prep for Cats

Basepaws is using the fully automated G.STATION NGS Workstation from DISPENDIX to automate their high-throughput genetic analysis pipeline.

Value of the automated G.STATION NGS Workstation from DISPENDIX at Basepaws

Genetic screening has become an essential tool in modern animal testing for identification of certain genetic diseases or traits that could impact health. The pet lovers with a passion for science from the company Basepaws, now part of Zoetis, are committed to providing pet parents with actionable knowledge for making empowered, proactive healthcare decisions. Basepaws created the world’s first at-home comprehensive cat DNA test and oral health test for cats and continue to grow the largest feline genomic and oral microbiome database in the world.

Theo Naef, Principle Scientist at Basepaws, recently tested the G.STATION NGS Workstation from DISPENDIX as an automated solution for their high-throughput genetic analysis pipeline, and had the following to say about the experience:

“The G.STATION NGS system is exceptional in its ability to perform nearly any laboratory task fully automated with minimal setup, providing a completely walkaway experience that is incredibly convenient for busy labs.

One of the standout features of this system is its attentive and innovative service team, who are always available to answer questions and help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The interface is also intuitive and versatile, allowing even those without coding knowledge to easily set up their own assays.

This system boasts a large library of protocols and labware, and custom protocols are easy to implement. The robotic arm is particularly impressive, as it can move components from module to module, minimizing the need for staff interaction. This saves time and increases efficiency and consistency in the lab, as the opportunity for human error is dramatically reduced.

The accurate and rapid dispensing system (I.DOT) can help to miniaturize reactions, leading to tremendous cost savings, while the tip-less NGS Clean-up Device (G.PURE) saves a ton of plastic needed for cell or NGS assays. The team behind this system has gone above and beyond to solve problems presented to them by our lab, and their dedication and commitment to their work is truly commendable.

Overall, I highly recommend this automated next generation sequencing robot system to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient way to automate laboratory tasks. It is an excellent investment that can save time, money, and improve the accuracy of results. The team behind this system deserves every success, and I look forward to continued innovations from them.”

This collaborative work highlights a proof-of-concept for the G.STATION as a high-throughput platform that enables the generation of high quality NGS libraries from extracted genomic DNA/RNA.

Click here to view a G.STATION NGS Workstation Demo Video.


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