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DISPENDIX Source Plates: The Key To Precise Dispensing

Discover how our microfluidic source plates revolutionize liquid handling with their precision and efficiency.

DISPENDIX I.DOT Source Plates, when used in conjunction with the I.DOT Liquid Handler, enable precise dispensing of nanoliter and microliter volumes. Designed to provide efficiency and reproducibility in the context of a range of scientific workflows, the I.DOT source plates are the heart of the DISPENDIX technology.

DISPENDIX's source plates are specially designed plates that are essential components of the I.DOT Non-Contact liquid handling system. They are responsible for enabling precise dispensing of tiny volumes of liquids, making them perfect for a wide range of applications.

The Source of DISPENDIX Technology

DISPENDIX source plates are designed to provide accurate dosing, ensuring consistent nanoliter-scale droplets every time. This precision is achieved through advanced engineering, innovative design, and extensive quality control (QC) practices.

Additionally, DISPENDIX source plates feature a low dead volume design, which minimizes reagent waste. This not only helps to reduce costs but also promotes sustainability by minimizing the consumption of valuable reagents.

Compatible with any SBS format destination plate, the technology used in DISPENDIX source plates also ensures compatibility with standard lab equipment, making it easy to incorporate them into existing workflows without any major modifications.

Hear all about the heart of DISPENDIX's microfluidics source plate technology directly from one of our co-founders, Harry Böltz below:


Applications of DISPENDIX Source Plates

DISPENDIX source plates find extensive use in various fields and applications. Some notable applications include:


The accurate and precise dispensing provided by DISPENDIX source plates is essential in NGS (next generation sequencing)/genomics research, where small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed with high accuracy. For example, the I.DOT can be used in the context of single-cell sequencing to enable cost savings through miniaturization to prepare cDNA and NGS libraries that can be reliably sequenced.

Drug Discovery

The precise dispensing capabilities of DISPENDIX source plates make them ideal for drug discovery research, where accurate dosing of small volumes of compounds and assay reagents is crucial.

Synthetic Biology

DISPENDIX source plates play a crucial role in synthetic biology research by enabling precise and accurate dispensing of gene fragments and enzymes for transfection and quality control. This precision is essential for the creation of synthetic biological systems, where the manipulation of DNA, proteins, and other biomolecules requires precise control over the quantity of genetic material, enzymes, and buffers added to the reaction.

These are just a few examples of the many applications where DISPENDIX source plates enable efficient and reproducible science. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable tools in modern, cutting-edge laboratory settings.

Advantages of Using DISPENDIX Source Plates

Using DISPENDIX source plates offers several advantages:

Precise dispensing: DISPENDIX source plates ensure consistent nanoliter-scale droplets, enabling accurate and reproducible experiments.

Minimal waste: The low dead volume design of DISPENDIX source plates minimizes reagent usage, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.

Time and cost savings: The precise dispensing capabilities of DISPENDIX source plates eliminate the need for manual pipetting, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Increased efficiency: DISPENDIX source plates integrate seamlessly with standard lab equipment, allowing for efficient and streamlined workflows.

These advantages make DISPENDIX source plates a preferred choice for researchers seeking precise and efficient liquid handling solutions.

DISPENDIX I.DOT Liquid Handler

Integration with Robotic Workcells

DISPENDIX source plates in concert with the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser are designed with automation in mind. Since the source wells are oriented into an SBS format with the standard 96-well plate layout, the source plates can be loaded with an automated liquid handler and moved around a robotic workcell utilizing standard robotic arms.

DISPENDIX I.DOT Liquid Handler

Whether it's automated liquid handling systems or other laboratory instruments, DISPENDIX source plates can be easily incorporated, enabling researchers to take advantage of their precise dispensing capabilities without disrupting their existing setup.

This compatibility with standard lab equipment makes DISPENDIX source plates a versatile and convenient choice for laboratories of all sizes and research fields.

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