Drug Discovery

I.DOT Liquid Handler: Empowering Drug Discovery with Precision Dose Response Curves

The I.DOT Liquid Handler empowers researchers with reliable dose response curves for informed decision-making.

Dose Response Curves Workflow Overview 

DISPENDIX's I.DOT Liquid Handler elevates drug discovery by generating highly accurate dose-response curves. This empowers researchers to make informed decisions about advancing drug candidates and optimizing their use in clinical settings.

The I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser automates even complex dose-response studies, regardless of prior automation experience. It allows intuitive dispensing of up to 38 compounds at ultra-low volumes (8 nL) across full 384- or 1536-well plates in minutes (Fig. 1).

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Figure 1. Workflow schematic depicting where the I.DOT Liquid Handler fits into the dose response curve or compound dilution workflow. 

Unlike traditional methods that limit resolution, the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser dispenses with 0.1 nL resolution and integrated volume verification. This ensures unparalleled accuracy, allowing researchers to confidently assess drug efficacy, safety, and mechanism of action.


I plan to dispense 24 compounds at a time into a 384-well plate. Can the I.DOT handle this dilution scheme?

Maximize your lab's efficiency with DISPENDIX solutions. Our extensive experience setting up compound dilution schemes translates to seamless integration for your lab. 

For labs dispensing under 24 compounds, we can build your protocol live using our user-friendly Assay Studio software. For dispensing dozens of compounds, we can provide a custom solution tailored to your specific needs. This demonstrates our commitment to continually expanding our capabilities through our product roadmap. 

My compounds are 10 mM stock, and I plan to dispense a 10 point 2-fold dilution starting at 700 µM and ending at 0.097 µM. Will I need to make intermediate dilutions to use the I.DOT?

To ensure accurate dispensing within the I.DOT's dynamic range, we assess your specific needs based on: 

Starting and ending concentrations of your compounds: This allows us to determine if initial dilution or intermediate dilutions are necessary to adjust the target volumes. 

Dynamic range of the I.DOT: By considering this, we may suggest pre-loading plates with a specific volume of diluent, ensuring that the I.DOT can dispense diluent accurately.

I run a cell viability assay downstream and need to dispense a single enzyme mixture at 5 µL. Can I use the I.DOT for our downstream assays?

The I.DOT streamlines your downstream assay preparation and opens the door to diverse cell-based and biochemical assays. 

Efficient reagent dispensing: The I.DOT's precision and speed automates reagent addition throughout your downstream processes, saving time and reducing manual errors. Whether you're working with small volumes or complex dispensing patterns, the I.DOT provides the flexibility and control you need. 

Wide-ranging applications: The I.DOT's versatility goes beyond reagent dispensing. It seamlessly handles cell seeding, media addition, and the dispensing of compounds or buffers in a wide range of cell-based assays. Additionally, its precision dispensing of enzymes, substrates, or cofactors optimizes biochemical assays. 

Enhanced reproducibility: This automation eliminates the variability inherent in manual processes, leading to consistent and reliable results across your experiments. 

With its accuracy, speed, and compatibility with various assay types, the I.DOT elevates your lab's downstream workflows, driving efficiency, reproducibility, and overall research success.

My volumes are too small to pipette manually, so I need to find a dispensing solution. I am looking for alternatives to an Acoustic Dispenser. How does the I.DOT compare?

If you are looking for an exceptional liquid handler to enhance your research, look no further. 

The I.DOT boasts an industry-leading 1 µL dead volume, significantly less than the 21 µL dead volume of the best acoustic dispensers. This minimizes wasted reagents and ensures accurate dispensing, especially for precious or expensive samples.

With a 0.1 nL resolution, the I.DOT empowers you to generate perfectly linear dose-response curves, unlike acoustic dispensers limited by a 2.5 nL resolution. This means you can tailor your experiments to your specific needs, not technological limitations. 

DISPENDIX offers extensive experience in setting up compound dilution schemes. For labs dispensing under 24 compounds, we can build your protocol live using the user-friendly Assay Studio software. Need to dispense dozens of compounds? We'll provide a custom solution tailored to your workflow, demonstrating our commitment to continuous innovation. 

What is the I.DOT’s dispensing accuracy and data reliability?

You can be sure that you will generate trustworthy results. The I.DOT dispenses 50 nL-10 μL within 5% accuracy and CV. Dispense with insight into the actual volume dispensed every time with integrated volume verification. Built-in volume verification via DropDetection (i.e., droplet counting) provides process safety. If your source runs out of liquid, you will know, and the instrument can recover using the “re-dispense missed droplets” feature. 

Accuracy and precision are achieved out of the box. Anyone can easily use the instruments to program and run a 1 μL dispense or bead-based clean-up across a 96- or 384-well plate in under a minute.

How quickly will I be able to get new assays up and running?

The I.DOT is an appliance that automates the reagent dispensing and bead clean-up steps of the NGS process. NGS is approximately 70% reagent dispensing, 20% clean-ups, and 10% temperature management. You get most of the workflow automated for a super low barrier to entry with the I.DOT. 

When investing in a full solution from DISPENDIX, we provide standardized and tested methods for automating even the most complex NGS sample preparation and/or library preparation protocol.

My lab has never dealt with automation before. Is using the I.DOT challenging for the average scientist?

Forget about training. The I.DOT can be run by anyone regardless of automation experience! We believe that software for dispensing a constant volume, a dilution, normalization, and pooling should not be complicated – so our software, Assay Studio, isn't. 

By utilizing the I.DOT in your lab, you can empower your research assistants and lab technicians to redirect their focus towards the core of their work: the science itself! With the automation of reagent dispensing and bead clean-up steps, these innovative tools alleviate the burden of manual tasks, allowing your team to delve deeper into experimental design, data analysis, and the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. 

By streamlining workflow processes and minimizing the potential for human error, the I.DOT  enable your team to unleash their creativity and expertise in the pursuit of scientific advancement. Let your team's passion for science shine through, unencumbered by tedious manual tasks, and watch as innovation flourishes in your lab. 

Solutions for Dose Response Curve Creation

Solutions for Dose Response Curve Creation

DISPENDIX I.DOT Liquid Handler

Discover the Efficiency and Accuracy of Lab Automation

The I.DOT Liquid Handler offers industry-leading dead volume and resolution, empowering you to achieve precise and efficient compound dilutions. Request a personalized demo today and see how the I.DOT can elevate your lab's capabilities! 

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